Project Description

Out of the Frying Pan


Three young men and three young women share an apartment in all innocence; they are would be stage folk and they are doing this for economic security. Their apartment is immediately above that of a Broadway producer who is about to cast a road company. They rehearse the play but how can they get him upstairs to see it? It happens that the producer is an amateur chef and, right in the middle of a culinary concoction, he runs out of flour. He comes upstairs to borrow a cup. At last the kids have him and they aren’t going to let him go until he sees some evidence of their ability so they stage a murder. It is so realistic that police swarm into the scene with hilarious results.

Out of the Frying Pan Poster

Cast List

  • George Bodell – Wyatt McDevitt

  • Norman Reese – Daniel Previti

  • Tony Dennison – Ryan McGinley

  • Kate Ault – Bailey Collington

  • Marge Benson – Mailin DiGuglielmo

  • Dottie Coburn – Aryonna Orth

  • Mrs. Garnet – Rachel Suga

  • Muriel Foster – Francesca Parker

  • Arthur Kenny – Amir Herradi

  • Mr. Coburn – Liam McCaffrey

  • Cop #1 – Lindsi McLaughlin

  • Cop #2 – Rocco Colona

Directing Staff

  • Director: Sarah Evans

  • Technical Director – Mr. Michael Yarabinee
  • Producer: Hannah Knauss