Project Description

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee


The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is set at a school local middle school students from around the county arrive to compete for the spot at the national spelling bee competition. The audience learns about the complexities of the spellers as they share their stories through the music. The question remains, who will win the Spelling Bee?

Cast List

  • William BarfeeAidan Dougherty

  • Logainne SchwartzandgrubenniereKiera McCarron

  • ChipColin McGovern

  • Olive OstrovskyKaylee Rogers

  • Marcy Park – Emily Sabre

  • Leaf Coneybear – Quintin Seifert

  • Sunflower Melody – Sarah Manton

  • Paris Francine – Bella Napoliello

PCMS Staff

  • Rona Lisa PerettiHaley Ward

  • Vice Principal Douglas PanchTravis Oliva

  • Michelle MahoneyMaria Quintiliana

Families & Spectators

Asa Campbell, Kyle Dutch, Tyler Hait, Julian Romanek, and Jimmy Tansey

  • Olive’s Mom/Spectator –  Shelby Funderburg

  • Olive’s Dad/Pinecone ConeybearAkiyah Stevenson

  • Carl Schwartz (Carl Dad)Nick McBride

  • Dan Grubenniere (Dan Dad)Finnegan Lehman

  • Mrs. ConeybearPenelope Fernandez

  • Marigold Coneybear – Mona Leahan

  • Raisin ConeybearNeil Ladigoski

  • Jesus/Brooke ConeybearImani Daniel

  • Reporter –  Connor Robovitsy

  • PCMS Cheerleader –  Gabby Haney

  • PCMS Cheerleader –  Chelsea McCarthy

  • PCMS Cheerleader –  Sarah Schreiber

Directing Staff

  • Director/Vocal Director – Ms. Hannah Knauss

  • Assistant Director – Shannon Oden

  • Choreographer – Mrs. Noelle Ackland

  • House Crew Manager – Ms. Gabrielle Capuano

  • Props Master – Ms. Alyssa Evans

  • Pit Orchestra Director – Ms. Gina Giachero

Crew Leads

  • Stage Manager – Georgia Curtin

  • Stage Right Lead – Gabby Allen

  • Stage Left Lead – Seseena Abraham

  • Backstage Lead – Shelby Price

  • Lighting Lead – Emily Kurzenski

  • Sound Lead – Rhyan Lehman

  • Publicity Lead – Maddie Magee

  • Costume Lead – Cara Luty

  • Make-Up Lead – Zoe Haas-Tome

  • House Crew Lead – Chanah Randall

  • House Crew Lead – Cailtin Betson

  • House Crew Lead – Robert Strange

  • Set Crew Lead – Omarion Samuel

Stage Crew:
Alyssa Agent, Layla Cook, Alex Kaur,
Sean Lewis, Sabrina McCloskey

Tech Crew:
Cole Engel, Eric Heineman,
Andrew Hoopes, Edwin Torres

Publicity Crew:
Tiffany Tran

Set Crew:
Thomas Brenner, Abigail Dougherty, Sarah Ewing,
Breanna Flynn, Debbie Garafalo, Nia Kirby,
Rebecca Roberts

Costume/Hair/Make-Up Crew:
Melanie Adams, Trena Henry, Maso Jabbie,
Maddie Magee, Cierra Outlaw,
Keeley Ruffin, Ray Salvatore, Maissa Cherief

House Crew:
Amberlynn Daemon, Ning Dim, Lilliana Gonzalez,
Matthew Harris, Olivia Le,Rachel McGlade,
Jayden Perez, Lara Paris-Hyden, Ashton Ray,
Dakota Seifert, Courtney Stackhouse, Robert Strange,
Brianna Stow, Tien Tran, Cassidy Torres,
Katrina Udowenko, Hannah Willis, Keni Yang

Pit Band:
Mia Angelella, Jack Denman,
Dylan Harrington, Louis Kugelman